James Brown-I Got The Feelin'

From his early start singing in a prison gospel group to his transformation into "Soul Brother No. 1" in the late 1960s to ultimately claiming this title of "The Godfather of Soul," James Brown had the feel in'. And it was so real and so powerful that it jumped the color barrier and grabbed hold of black and white audiences alike.

This DVD collection pays tribute not only to James Brown's enormous contribution to American music, but also reveals his often overlooked impact on American race relations. Including two discs' worth of rare live performances and a third DVD containing an in-depth look at the moment James Brown emerged as a political and social ambassador, I Got The Feelin'—James Brown In The '60s is a fitting tribute to the man and the times.

This collection of rare James Brown 1960s performances shows him at this most electrifying and powerful in the "Soul Brother No. 1" era. With material from the 1968 James Brown: Man to Man broadcast, The T.A.M.I Show and more, James Brown Live At The Apollo '68 captures classic footage from some of Brown's most legendary concerts.

James Brown: Live At The Apollo

This was one of a series of concerts James Brown gave at the Apollo in Harlem in March, 1968. In addition to 16 vintage color performances from the concert, this special also includes film of James Brown walking the streets of Harlem and Watts as he speaks to the state of Black America and describes the political and socioeconomic advances that need to be accomplished.

"My fight now is for the Black America to be American." — James Brown

This concert is as much a 1968 James Brown time capsule as it is a timeless representation of how music can change the world.