Lady Day: The Many Faces of Billie Holiday

Most presentations of Billie Holiday, whether in picture or in words, feature her as the sad victim of hard times and hard drugs; the black woman wailing the autobiographical blues as she's driven down to pathetic ruin. Mining a treasure trove of utterly new material, this documentary sets the Billie Holiday record straight--beautifully. It does precisely what a jazz film is supposed to do: it gives you abundant footage of the artist herself, doing her thing.

Buck Clayton
Harry "Sweets" Edison
Carmen McRae
Annie Ross
Milt Gabler
Albert Murray
Mal Waldron
and Ruby Dee reading Billie Holiday's words.

Produced by Toby Byron and Richard Saylor; directed by Matthew Seig; written by Robert O'Meally; narrated by David Smyrl

A coproduction of Toby Byron/Multiprises in association with Taurus Film, Munich and VideoArts, Japan