Listen to These Pictures: Photographs of John Lennon

"The first time I saw John Lennon was in the fall of 1971. He was standing with Yoko backstage at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem where he thad performed at a benefit... A lot of people were circulating around them, snapping pictures. I remember John saying, 'What happens to all these pictures? We never see them.' I asked him, 'Do you really want to see mine? I live right around the corner from you.' He said, 'Slip them under the door then." And I did."

Thus began a nine-year professional and personal relationship between the photographer Bob Gruen and John Lennon, which continued until Lennon's death on December 8, 1980.

"Listen to These Pictures" is an album of 135 photographs selected from the thousands that Gruen took of Lennon during that time with a foreward by Yoko Ono.