Satchmo: Louis Armstrong

Satchmo: very few people in this country--or the world--would not recognize that name. Born at the turn of the century, Louis Armstrong was a living symbol of twentieth-century American culture. He revolutionized the world of music and became one of the nation's most influential entertainers. Viewers of this definitive film enjoy Armstrong's own memorabilia and photos never before seen by the public. The film, as entertaining as the man himself, is totally true to the spirit of Satchmo.

Wynton Marsalis
Tony Bennett
Dexter Gordon
Dave Brubeck
Iola Brubeck
Doc Cheatham
Lester Bowie
Milt Hinton
Arvell Shaw
Barrett Deems
Bud Freeman
Milt Gabler
George Avakian
Marty Napolean
Joe Muranyi
Zilner Randolph

Produced by Toby Byron; directed by Gary Giddins and Kendrick Simmons; narrated by Hattie Winston; Louis Armstrong's words read by Melvin Van Peebles

A coproduction of Toby Byron/Multiprises with CBS Music Video Enterprises, Taurus Film, Munich and WNET, New York